3 Reasons to Collect Pressed Pennies from Walt Disney World

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Pressed pennies are an old favorite souvenir at Walt Disney World. Do you collect pressed pennies? I used to have several pressed pennies. I loved looking for the machines, as well as actually making the pressed penny. There are still numerous machines located throughout Walt Disney World. Thinking about starting up that collection? Here are our reasons to collect pressed pennies:

1. Affordable

disney world pressed pennies

It only costs 51 cents for a pressed penny. That is a cheap souvenir! As a kid, my mom would usually let me create a pressed penny solely for this reason.


2. Scavenger hunt

disney world pressed pennies

Did you know there are over 600 pressed pennies you can collect at Walt Disney World? The machines are located throughout Disney property, so you never know where one may be hiding. Enjoy the hunt for the pressed penny machines. Half of the fun is in the hunt, anyways!


3. Unique, collectible souvenir

disney world pressed pennies

Walt Disney World is constantly creating new designs for the machines. Some designs have retired, so dig out those old pressed pennies to see if you have a retired design!