5 Facts about Mad Tea Party at Walt Disney World

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The Mad Tea Party attraction in Fantasyland consists of sitting in tea cups and spinning them as fast or slow as you want, while the deck also spins. This is a fun ride for all ages. As a kid, I would always try to spin the teacup as fast as I could, but that usually ended up with a dizzy feeling afterwards. Here are 5 facts about this iconic attraction:

disney world magic kingdom mad tea party

1. Doormouse

A little dormouse pops out of the center teapot while the ride is in motion. This dormouse in a teapot can only be found at Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland.


2. Characters May Ride

Sometimes, Alice and the Mad Hatter will go for a spin in the teacups with guests! This doesn’t happen often, but you can still have a character meet and greet with them outside of the attraction.


3. Opening Day Attraction

This attraction was one of the original attractions that debuted on the opening day of Magic Kingdom. This attraction has been around for 45 years!


4. Available at Every Disney Park

While the theming may be different, the basic components of this attraction can be found at every single Disney park.


5. Not Built by the Walt Disney Company

The theming for this attraction was designed by Imagineers, but the actual construction was done by a third party.