5 Secrets of Star Tours – The Adventure Continues at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Are you a big Star Wars fan? We are! We always ride Star Tours – The Adventure Continues every visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s definitely a must-do for us. Did you know there are many unique aspects to this attraction? We’ve rounded up our top 5 secrets of Star Tours – The Adventure Continues:

disney hollywood studios star tours secrets

1. New Adventure Every Time

There are more than 54 unique adventure combinations you can experience! You are likely to get a new ride sequence each time you ride it. New adventures are made once new movies are released. One of our favorite ride combinations includes a beginning scene with Darth Vader!


2. Announcements in the Standby Lines

Listen to the announcements while you are waiting in the standby line. You may hear Mister Egroeg Sacul being paged. Egroeg Sacul is actually George Lucas spelled backwards. What a special nod to the man behind it all!


3. Announcements before Boarding

Before boarding the ship, listen to the dialogue and you may hear a reference to THX1138. It was the name of George Lucas’ very first movie, and he purposely included it in all the Star Wars movies.


4. First Opened in 1989

Did you know this attraction has been opened for almost 30 years? A classic attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


5. Longer Ride at Walt Disney World

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues is over 4 minutes long. Most rides are 1 – 3 minutes long. This ride is just long enough for you to feel a part of the galactic adventures!