6 Places to Nap at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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A day at the parks can be really fun, but also really exhausting. The Florida heat and humidity can also contribute to exhaustion. We’ve noticed waves of guests leaving the park shortly after lunch. Where do they go? Well, many guests take afternoon breaks and head back to their resorts for a nap by the pool. Genius, right? What if I told you that you don’t have to leave the park to take a break? Did you know there are several great locations within the Magic Kingdom to take a nap? Trust me. I’ve done it! Where are these hidden gems you may ask? Here are some great places to nap at the Magic Kingdom:

1. Second Floor of the Columbia Harbour House (Liberty Square)

disney magic kingdom nap columbia harbour house

The second floor of the Columbia Harbour House is small and quiet. Many people don’t venture upstairs to enjoy their lunches. Additionally, there is air conditioning so this is a great place to take a nap for a few minutes, or a few hours.


2. Walkway between Tomorrowland and Storybrook Circus

disney magic kingdom tomorrowland walkway nap

This location is a little hidden gem. The walkway can be found behind the Tomorrowland Speedway, so you will hear car noise and giggles from happy toddlers. Grab a bench, and take a nap! For any non-smokers, keep in mind that there is a smoking section along the walkway.


3. Tom Sawyer Island (Frontierland)

disney magic kingdom tom sawyer island nap

Tom Sawyer Island is one of the most peaceful and quiet places in all of Magic Kingdom. There is an abundance of shade too. It is so quiet that sometimes we forget we are in the middle of the Magic Kingdom. We like to find a bench or picnic table and take a quick nap. You might hear some kids running around playing hide n’ seek (I used to be one of those kids!).


4. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (Tomorrowland)

disney magic kingdom tomorrowland transit authority peoplemover nap

One ride on the PeopleMover is approximately 10 minutes. If the park isn’t busy, the cast members are more than happy to let you stay on for as long as you like. We’ve been able to take long naps on this ride by riding it several times.


5. Carousel of Progress (Tomorrowland)

disney magic kingdom tomorrowland carousel of progress nap

The Carousel of Progress is a charming show, but also a great place to relax. The show is 20 minutes in the air conditioning; a great place to take a quick cat nap! You will have to remain in your seat, but use your friend’s shoulder as a pillow. I’m sure they won’t mind!


6. Hall of Presidents (Liberty Square)

Similar to the Carousel of Progress, the Hall of Presidents is a 20 minute show in the air conditioning; again, another great place to take a nap!


Where do you like to nap and regroup in the Magic Kingdom? We’d love to hear your suggestions!