6 Places to Nap at Epcot at Walt Disney World

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There is so much to see and do at Epcot. There is also a lot of walking involved. I feel like I spend more time walking longer distances in Epcot than any other park. All that walking makes me exhausted! I often need a snack or a quick nap to recharge while in Epcot. Here are some of my favorite places to catch a quick snooze:

1. Universe of Energy/Ellen’s Energy Adventure (Future World)

disney world epcot universe of energy nap

Do you want a really long nap? This is the ride for you. This attraction is 45 minutes long! It can get a little loud due to the sound effects, so light sleepers might not be able to nap.


2. Spaceship Earth (Future World)

epcot disney world spaceship earth nap

We’ve ridden this ride so many times lately. We absolutely love it. We also know the story line by heart. I’ve started snoozing on this ride to rest up for the remainder of the day. The storyteller’s voice is so soothing!


3. Impressions de France (France)

disney world epcot france nap

The movie is almost 20 minutes long, a perfect amount of time to grab a quick nap. We enjoy watching this movie, but we have also caught a few cat naps here. The cool, dark room is so inviting for a nap!


4. Koi Pond (Japan)

disney world epcot japan nap

The Koi pond is very peaceful. It may not be as quiet as other places but there is something about the fountains that make a soothing sound. It’s fun to watch the fish too!

5. Gardens (United Kingdom)

disney world epcot united kingdom nap

There are many benches through the gardens in the United Kingdom. Grab a bench and take a quick snooze. You may here the occasional cover band playing in the gardens; most of the time, it is pretty quiet and peaceful.


6. Lobby of The American Adventure (America)

disney world epcot american adventure nap

The lobby is a quiet, cool place to catch a few zzzzs. It may get a little noisy as crowds form before The American Adventure and Voices of Liberty. It is typically pretty quiet, so we usually hide out here to regroup.


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