Hey, we’re Matt and Adrienne. Thanks so much for visiting our website! We know you’re here because you love Disney merchandise. We’re right there with you. We’re life-long Disney fans and visited the parks our whole lives – back when Hollywood Studios was MGM Studios, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was an awesome ride, and River Country was an amazing water park.
Last year we had the opportunity of a lifetime to move to the Orlando area. One of the first things we did was buy Disney Annual Passes. If anyone’s wondering, it never gets old. We visit the parks every week, usually multiple times. Whether it’s a day-long park hopping adventure, an afternoon trip to Epcot to have dinner in the World Showcase (Germany is our favorite!), or a night-time fast pass run, Disney is a huge part of our lives.
When creating Mail the Magic, we wanted to create a subscription box that sacrificed nothing and did not compromise on the quality of the product. We specifically purchase merchandise directly from WDW. The quality of the merchandise, the monthly box experience, and the customer service we provide make up what we call “magic.” This intentionally emulates the amazing experience that Disney provides all their guests.
To do this, we did not cut any corners, only bought the best materials, invested in the best tech, and choose to only deliver official WDW merchandise purchased directly from the parks. When creating our boxes, setting our prices, and developing our overall box experience, we always make sure to follow these three tenants.
  • Quality Product – only official park products, and used pins individually checked for quality.
  • Overall Experience – great box presentation, creative themes, and fun social content
  • Customer Experience – easy subscription process, secure checkout, fast delivery
When you subscribe to one of our boxes, we do a little dance around our little office. Each subscriber is important to us, and we are here to ensure that you can’t imagine your life without Mail the Magic.