PinCon 2016 was awesome! Our trip to pin trading’s new frontier

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In southern Orlando, on Disney World property, deep in the bellows of the B Resort/Hotel, we attended one of the most exciting pin trading gatherings of 2016. PinCon, organized by PinPics, was a full day of presentations by pin industry leaders on the future of pin trading, giveaways and raffles of rare pins, direct purchasing of custom HotArt pins, and hours of trading between hundreds of diehard traders.

The day started early, as pin traders wheeled-in their collections of thousands of rare pins, setting up in their designated trading spot within the massive convention hall. Greeting the traders at the event registration desk were PinPics staff and HotArt pins, the famed Hong Kong custom Disney pin manufacturer. Hot Art’s 2016 lineup of collectible pins were on full display (see photo). Thousands of dollars worth of rare pins, most of which had not been released or manufactured beyond one pin, ready to view and gawk over – with security close by. Indeed, pin traders were given a jolt of excitement from the moment they registered in the shadow of pin trading’s ultimate collector pieces. Artists from ACME studios, the art provider for HotArt’s pins, were also on hand. ACME is the only non-Disney art studio in the world licensed to create original Disney artwork for pins that they then manufacture through HotArt.

Hot Art Disney Pins

Attendees who registered for Gold tickets were treated to a lovely breakfast buffet and private presentation in the morning before trading festivities began. In the closed conference room, Gold ticket holders were presented with PinPics’ new website developments. This included an improved online pin trading system as well as a new live trading system. PinPics’ developers walked us through the new features in the website. Perhaps the most groundbreaking announcement came from Christian Hoff, the CCO of PinConWorld. What is PinConWorld? Well, that’s the big news.

One quarter inspirational pitch, another quarter visionary idea, the last half – reality. PinConWorld is the future of PinPics. In what will be a virtual pin trading platform, PinConWorld is a mix between online pin trading and World of Warcraft. Traders will create avatars that can explore the virtual theme park online, setting up trading booths within the world to meet and trade with other avatars / pin traders. Except this is no simulation. When users explore PinConWorld and meet with virtual pin traders from around the world, trading in multiple languages and currencies, their actual online pin collection will be tied to the augmented reality. Pin trades done in the virtual world will link directly to a real pin trade, with both parties agreeing to mail the traded pins using secure information and addressing.

This was stunning news to the entire audience. A brave new concept in pin trading. As Lenny Schas, CEO of PinPics said, “we want to take pin trading to the next level.” PinConWorld is a bold step to take pin trading from the halls of anonymous hotel halls to the online /international marketplace.


Pin Con World Disney Pin trading


Throughout the rest of the day, pin traders got down to business in the massive trading hall. There were representatives from a few other pin trading organizations, one of which was Disney Pins Blog. Ryan, from DPB, held an awesome raffle along with a few other raffles held throughout the day.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed talking with fellow pin trading and Disney lovers throughout the day. We’ve included a few photos from the event below.