Top 5 Things for a Rainy Day in Epcot WDW

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It’s such a nice day. The sun is shining, people are smiling, kids are behaving. Then you feel a raindrop. Then another. Then the sky starts falling. You’re not sure if it’s a hurricane or just a Florida afternoon rain storm – there’s not a huge different (jk). At Disney World, sometimes you just have to take cover and wait out the storm. But if you could, it would be nice to actually do something while you wait.

In Epcot, The Land is the ultimate rain storm destination. These are the top 5 things to do in Epcot while you wait for the to rain to pass – and all of them are all in The Land. Why? All of these things are in one building so you can stay dry. Whether it’s a no-wait ride, a long-wait ride (Soarin’), personal tour, simple eating options, non-reservation Character eating, or plenty of bathrooms and places to sit, The Land is the ultimate dry place to hide away while the crazy Florida weather subsides.


Soarin’ Around the World

The LAND! Yes, that place where you wait in line for hours for Soarin’ Around the World; but the rest of the pavilion is loaded with enough to keep you and your family entertained for at least an hour or three (the time it takes for a Florida afternoon rain storm to pass). The recent updates to Soarin’ have transformed the California-centric ride into a world ride with the same unique experience of being lifted into the air and into an immersive audio, visual, and olfactory experience.


Living with the Land

Besides Soarin’, The Land includes Living with the Land, a relaxing boat ride (similar to Small World’s pace but with a tour guide like the Safari in Animal Kingdom) for everyone. It takes you through Epcot’s impressive agriculture labs and gardens where genuine Disney scientists are working every day. Very cool!


Circle of Life

The Ciiiiiiiiiirle of Liiiiiiiiife [Elton John’s voice]. The Circle of Life, recently reopened after a few refurbishments, is a light-hearted 20 minute film about the importance of environmental responsibility hosted by the Lion King’s Simba, Timon and Pumba. It combines live footage with animation. Fun for all ages.


Behind the Seeds

Did you love Living with the Land? Now tour the same facilities with an official backstage guided tour named Behind the Seeds. It’s a few dollars extra, but if it’s in your budget and you have any future scientists in your family, it’s an awesome tour.


Dining Options

By now, you guys are probably starving. We always suggest packing food in your bag, but that is another post. If you were rushing out the door trying to catch the bus to the park and didn’t pack your food, The Land has plenty to offer in food as well. The Sunshine Seasons food court is an affordable (for Disney standards) eating option.

If you want the ultimate eating experience, The Garden Grill is a non-reservation (it’s recommended but not required) eating option but with CHARACTERS. The restaurant also rotates, giving your family a new view every few minutes.